I couldn’t go to dinner with my parents because I let my little brother take my car to a football game…. so I was a little bummed that I was about to have a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner because that’s what I had for breakfast….. BUT THEN, my cousin (who is also my neighbor) came over and was like, “What kind of pizza do you like? I’m gonna go buy some.” YES. I know the only difference between a grilled cheese and pizza is the dough and the meat. BUT STILL. Pizza is not grilled cheese.

self hate 
Zara Louise Davis 

😭😭😭😮😅😅😅 I fuckin hate yall
Aww, I’m 4! :)

I was sitting on the bench at the bus stop. This good looking, tall guy sits next to me, so I smile at him. He looks at my legs and I’m thinking he’s staring at all the scars. So I start to feel really uncomfortable and embarrassed. Then he asks, “Can your feet really not touch the ground?” I laugh, he laughs, we talk, we sit next to each other on the bus and talk more… Then I find out thay his stop is, unfortunately, not the same as mine. So he leaves me sitting on this bus for another half hour… Now I’m wondering why the fuck did I not get his number!?…. I hope I see him again.

My nieces were at my house last night. When I got home from work, they ran to me yelling my name and jumping on me. I felt like they were my kids. Twas a very good feeling. It makes me want kids even more. I can wait for that to happen with my real kids.


and they say romance is dead

Clinical Health Care Ethics is probably the best class I’ve taken in college so far.


Penny street art from Amsterdam:

"Obsessions make my life worse and my work better"

“Jelly Love”

I got 2.5 hours of sleep last night. I woke up at 5:30, worked for 13 hours, hung out with my homeboy a little bit, went home and now it’s almost 1. I don’t understand how I’m not completely knocked out yet. I’m almost tempted to do some homework….. but FUCK THAT SHIT, I’m going to lay in bed and play 8 Pool Ball until I fall asleep.